Alanna Kovar Photo

2017 Scholarship awarded to Alanna Kovar


I have many interests, such as Spanish, art, community service, history, and psychology, but I plan to focus on Engineering in college and then work as a chemical engineer. I discovered my passion for chemistry in Chemistry Pre-AP and Chemistry AP during high school, where I gained hands-on experience in the lab. As I became more familiar with chemistry, I discovered the potential of chemical innovations. I learned that from nanotechnology to the building materials of stadiums and bridges, the production and implementation of chemical materials allows people to accomplish amazing things.

After graduating from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, I hope that I will be conducting research or working to innovate, invent, and discover. As a chemical engineer, I would work to pursue many goals. Primarily, I hope that a career in chemical engineering will allow me to help resolve environmental issues by supporting the use of clean energy and reusable, recycled, or compostable products. I also hope to cure diseases, promote food and water sustainability, and reduce pollution. By volunteering over the years, I discovered my love for helping people, and I hope that I can develop technology that will improve lives.

When I attend Texas A&M University next year to study engineering, I plan on continuing and expanding my efforts to help people. In addition to volunteering, I hope to use an education in engineering to serve the community by developing technological innovations that will improve public health, safety, education, and the environment.